July 23, 2009
Indulging my paranoia

Looking at that infamous chart below got me thinking about the proposed new Office of Minority Health and the inevitable rationing that would occur under a government health plan dedicated to keeping costs down. Looking at the issue from a benign standpoint, maybe the office would operate in such a way as to make sure […]

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July 23, 2009
Honduras update

It looks like the forces of democracy are standing strong and wannabe strongman Manuel Zelaya will not be allowed to return to Honduras as president. It would be nice if the Obama administration would take this opportunity to reconsider its decision to side with the likes of Raul Castro, Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez, but […]

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July 23, 2009
Playing defense on healthcare

House Democrats have taken the unusual step of barring their GOP counterparts from sending out informative mailers to their constituents with this chart outlining the Democrats’ healthcare plan. [Click picture for full-size PDF document] I get these mailers from time to time and I must confess I usually spend a grand total of 60 seconds […]

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When Everytown, Giffords and others describe states like CA, NY, and NJ as having the best gun control laws in the country, but then say those gun laws are still way too weak, they are giving away their endgame. Full bans of most (if not all) of civilian owned firearms. https://twitter.com/MorosKostas/status/1526261684712615937

Konstadinos Moros@MorosKostas

Stronger gun laws? Bro this is what the organization you fund says about New York. https://twitter.com/MikeBloomberg/status/1525855697606520834

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