Is dendroclimatology a science?

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You’re probably asking yourself what the heck is dendroclimatology? Well, it’s the study of tree rings to determine past climate. It’s one of the key tools that the AGW alarmists use to show that it was cooler way back then than it is now — and it’s all our fault.

You might have learned back in elementary school that by using tree rings, you can tell how many years old a tree is. Well, it also turns out you can tell what the temperature was.


You’d think that it might measure rainfall. Or nitrogen in the ground. Or heck, even CO2.

But these scientists are using it to measure temperature.

Or so they say.

But it turns out they don’t use all of the trees. Just some.

How do they choose?

Well, you shouldn’t be surprised.

However as we mentioned earlier on the subject of biological growth populations, this does not mean that one could not improve a chronology by reducing the number of series used if the purpose of removing samples is to enhance a desired signal. The ability to pick and choose which samples to use is an advantage unique to dendroclimatology.

In other words, “science” allows them to pick and choose their data to enhance “signal.” But how do they know what’s the signal and what’s the noise?

When you’ve got a predetermined outcome…well, you figure it out.

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