April 24, 2009
Now read this!

Charles Krauthammer's latest column on what you old people can expect in your later years: rationing of health care. Pressure on the Presses -- the Wall Street Journal's helpful graphic on the decline and fall of the newspaper industry.

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April 24, 2009
That didn't last long

I've only seen it reported openly on Fox News and in passing at Politico.com, but it appears that the "tax cut for 95 percent of Americans" will last all of two years before it dies. To tighten future deficits, the deal requires Obama to accept reductions from his domestic spending plans and forego favorite tax […]

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April 24, 2009
Politifact vs. Weekly Standard

I've mentioned before that Pulitzer Prize-winning Web site Politifact.com isn't as unbiased as they would have you believe -- they're just not as far to the left as, say, The New York Times. Late last month, Politifact.com determined the House GOP conference was telling a "Pants on fire" lie about President Barack Obama's cap-and-trade proposal's […]

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BREAKING: We just filed a motion asking the Ninth Circuit to lift the stay in our lawsuit challenging California's ban on so-called "assault weapons," which, if granted, would allow the judgment striking down the ban to go into effect. Read it here: https://www.firearmspolicy.org/miller

Stole the image from a reddit post, but it appears to be an accurate summary.

The losers in Sacramento are throwing a temper tantrum in response to the ruling in Bruen. Now that they have to issue carry permits, they want to make basically everywhere a "sensitive place".

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