May 19, 2008
Harkin Pt. 2

For a far more eloquent and thoughtful riposte to Sen. Tom Harkin's smear of John McCain than mine, read this over at Villanous Company.

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May 19, 2008
Dealing with Iran

Here's John McCain's remarks on Barack Obama's prospective Iran policy. Before I begin my prepared remarks, I want to respond briefly to a comment Senator Obama made yesterday about the threat posed to the United States by the Government of Iran. Senator Obama claimed that the threat Iran poses to our security is “tiny” compared […]

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May 19, 2008
There's a 10 a.m. in the morning

I've been awake for over an hour. I took my car into the dealer to get it checked out. A couple of times in the past few days the warning light for the electronic stability control system has gone on -- so I'm going to have them check it out. It only seems to have […]

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May 19, 2008
Morehouse College's valedictorian

Morehouse College, one of America's historically black colleges, has a first in its history -- its first white valedictorian. It's a great read, but I want to point out this little anecdote from the story. When [Joshua] Packwood applied to Morehouse, he had frequent conversations with George Gray, an alumnus who was a recruiter at […]

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When Everytown, Giffords and others describe states like CA, NY, and NJ as having the best gun control laws in the country, but then say those gun laws are still way too weak, they are giving away their endgame. Full bans of most (if not all) of civilian owned firearms.

Konstadinos Moros@MorosKostas

Stronger gun laws? Bro this is what the organization you fund says about New York.

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