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Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on November 28, 2007

I defended CNN a couple weeks ago when it turned out that several of the "undecided voters" at the Democratic Debate were in fact political operatives of one sort or the other.

While it would’ve been nice for CNN to get less politically activist questioners, remember that that is a pretty good list of the composition of today’s Democratic Party. And, after all, this is a Democrat primary election, not the general election. It’s very possible that each of these people are undecided on for whom they will vote in the primary.

But then I drew the line.

Republicans would, rightfully, rip CNN if any of these people were to be listed as an “undecided voter” and asked their slanted questions in a GOP primary debate.

So why do I rehash all of this now?

Because one of CNN's questioners in tonight's CNN/YouTube debate was a retired California National Guard General Keith Kerr. Kerr, who is now an out-of-the-closet homosexual, is a member of LGBT Americans for Hillary and in the last election cycle was on the steering committee of "Veterans for Kerry."

Moderator Anderson Cooper later apologized for the oversight.

And tomorrow there's going to be a lot more apologizing. Michelle Malkin readers have begun digging and uncovered a John Edwards supporter and a Barack Obama supporter among the questioners.

You can't spell incompetent without CNN. Seriously, guys are you really this stupid? Use Google -- which owns YouTube -- and half a brain and check these people out. You know the blogosphere will.

Media. Wound. Self-inflicted.

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  1. This kind of thing still surprises me when I hear about it!

    I think its just the idea that CNN believes they could get away with it without really trying to cover their tracks.

    Anyways, this idea that the states ought to decide whether or not to legalize the killing of innocent babies is inherently vile and evil. Anyone who makes such an argument (like Ron Paul, Fred Thompson, etc.) is by definition a bad person.

    To get a better idear of what I'm talking about check out this analysis of Ron Paul's response to a question asked on YouTube about abortion a few months back.


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