Sally Field's political statement

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on September 17, 2007

Actress Sally Field won something for some show no one really watches at some awards show last night. Upon receiving her meaningless award, she had the following to say:

"If the mothers ruled the world, there would be no g--damned wars in the first place," said Field, trying to recover her train of thought while accepting an Emmy for her performance in "Brothers & Sisters." The offending word was bleeped for national airing.

I'm not sure whether this was an endorsement of Sen. Hillary Clinton's candidacy or a condemnation of it.

Needless to say, just factually, Field is incorrect.

Mariam Farhat, 56, has over the past five years become a symbol of Palestinian motherhood amidst the ongoing terrorist war to eradicate the Jewish state. Farhat has not only given three of her sons for the cause, but has actively participated in their training as well, earning her the moniker "Mother of Martyrs."

Farhat, 56, has strong militant credentials, including an appearance carrying a gun in a video in which she advised one of her sons, Mohammed, on tactics before he attacked a Jewish settlement, killing five Israelis before he was shot dead in the assault on a post in the Gaza Strip in 2002.

Farhat's eldest son, Nidal, was killed in 2003 as he was preparing for another attack. A third son, Rawad, died earlier this year in an Israeli air strike on his rocket-carrying car. Three other sons are still alive, for now.

Maybe this is just freedom-fighting as far as Field is concerned.

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  1. She could have left the gd word out of it. Does she talk like that
    everyday or is it because Bush says he believes in God. I wish
    celebs would not lump all Christians the same anyway. Celebs
    think everyone wants to hear their political views but I do not
    so I do not watch these Award Shows. I just heard about it the
    next day.

  2. Just a reply to Donna--
    I doubt she meant to use the word "god" as an affront to Christians...I think she was just grasping for the most powerful word she could think of, which (unfortunately) turned out the way it did.


Actually, no serious person is sure what the conservative majority will do here. That's common in these politically charged cases. Meanwhile, literally nobody doubts what the *Democrat-appointed* justices will do. So who is "deeply partisan" again?

Doing some research and checked out @TheDispatchFC front page. It turns out the answer to every single one of these is "No." But one doesn't have that simple explanation on the main page. Why?

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