She's got a future

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on August 26, 2007

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  1. I think this is a likely explanation:

    (a) She was quite nervous. And was the first to answer any questions.
    (b) She probably wouldn't call herself an intellectual, but likes to give things a try.
    (c) Public speaking and grammar are not her strong points. She is good at sports apparently. I think she knows this and is why she is so nervous.

    She seemed to offer a response in 3 parts. First she starts off with a kind of standard introduction where she says - "I personally believe..."and is trying to think through the question while doing this. Then she gives her first answer stating that many Americans do not have maps. At that point she changes her mind, thinking that the question really must have meant something else - That 1/5 of the rest of the world could not find the US on a map. So she then states in a round about way, that the US education system ought to help the rest of the world (South Africa, "the Iraq", and the Asian Countries.) with their education.

    I think she fouled up because she started in with her response before she was sure of an answer and before she was sure exactly what the question meant. And anyway - she's 18 not 40. Give her a break!

    I cannot agree with people who call her an idiot, stupid, etc. She had the guts to go on TV knowing this would be difficult. And anyway, it's really funny. She'll learn and improve over time. And the people calling her stupid will regret much later that they took such a hard line on anybody not meeting their ideas of PERFECTION. Miss Teen SC has a grammar problem, but makes us smile. Her detractors do not.

  2. Sorry, M, the "likely explanation" is, indeed, that she is an idiot. Her "grammar problem" makes us cringe, not smile. The "likely explanation" for your post is that you're related to her.


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