Reality is inconvenient

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on September 19, 2016

It was predictable, really. It didn't take but a few moments after I published the rest of my weekend column that the SLO Tribune wouldn't publish for a feminist to decide that reality is inconvenient.

Seeing my warning for young women to refrain from getting inebriated, and if they do, stay close to female friends, a member of the "reality-based" community commented on Facebook, saying that what I really should have said is:

"Teach men not to rape."

Excellent idea.

Men, don't rape.

There you go ladies! You're safe from all evil. Enjoy yourselves!

A fallen world

The thing is, we've been teaching men not to rape for at least hundreds of years and yet, rape still occurs.

This isn't a utopia, where no one ever does anything wrong. This is a fallen world.

This is reality, where there is crime and evil people (male and female) who do harm to others. And the truth about this is that it isn't just men. Over at Instapundit, the "Teach women not to rape!" header is a regular feature, linking to instances of women committing statutory rape on young boys.

We've been teaching men and women not to rob people for just about the whole of human existence, that doesn't mean it's a smart idea to be walking down a dark alley in Compton counting a wad of $100 bills at 2 a.m.

Reality is inconvenient for these people.

It's beyond foolish for young women to behave recklessly around alcohol and men they don't know and base their personal safety on "teach men not to rape."

It also shows a bizarre hostility to women's safety to attack a man for offering practical advice on keeping women safe and instead offer empty platitudes that won't keep them safe.


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