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Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on April 2, 2007

McQ over at QandO rips into the claims that the April 15 deadline on passing a supplemental appropriations bill for the Iraq war isn't really a deadline at all.

[In other words], what the Democrats are saying is let the wounded and military dependents suffer the consequences of the monetary shortage. Let problems like Walter Reed fester because, you see, the Army can transfer money from the repair and maintenance of such facilities to their O&M budget until Democrats get off their dead asses and take this seriously.

Yes, instead of slow-bleeding the troops in harm's way, Democrats have chosen to slow bleed their families and the wounded comrades of the troops.

Oh, and all that blather about making sure units are fully mission capable before deploying? Well, unfortunately, to fund the war, we'll have to cut depot level maintenance on equipment necessary for the effort and that equipment won't be available to those deploying units. They certainly won't be able to "overhaul" equipment, increasing both their reliability and servicability. And putting the latest upgrades on the equipment, such as, perhaps, additional armor for troop protection, or the latest technological gadget which might help them locate and defeat IEDs? No go. Additionally, such transfers of money might, as the memo states, "slow down training".

So, yeah, no hurry on putting the final bill together. Go on recess before the bill even goes to committee for markup. Wait until the middle of April to begin that process ... a process which could push the final bill into May before it is ready to go. No sweat, the wounded troops and their dependents won't mind. [emphasis in original]

I suspect the Democrats reign in Congress may be short-lived. They appear to suffer the same tone-deafness that afflicted Republicans. Only this time the issues are different.


Starting to watch the Wheel of Time and they screw with it 60 seconds in, suggesting the Dragon Reborn might be a woman. That could never work in the world Robert Jordan created.

Marcus Arbery, father of Ahmaud, who was senselessly murdered, had every reason to give an angry & vindictive speech, & he would have been applauded for doing so

Instead he affirmed his faith in the Kingian vision of racial equality, and in so doing restores our faith in America

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