December 9, 2006
Check your freezer

I just checked mine. I still don't have $90,000 in cash stuffed in a box of lasagna. However, this pesky bit of corruption presents no soul-searching for Rep. William Jefferson (D-Culture of Corruption) after he won re-election today. What will Nancy Pelosi do about the crook in her caucus. I'm sure she was hoping the […]

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December 9, 2006
The patience of Job

I really feel sorry for this guy. He went to Canada (that's not the part that I feel sorry aboot) and before he went, he got a quote on a data rate on his cell phone from Verizon of .002 cents per kilobyte. They ended up charging him .002 dollars per kilobyte. It's 20+ minutes […]

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December 9, 2006
He won't go away

Jimmy Carter won't do the world a favor and shut his trap. He had an op-ed in Friday's Los Angeles Times and John Hinderaker does an excellent job of fisking it. He retails the same myth that John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt peddle: you can't have an honest discussion of the Middle East here in […]

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December 9, 2006
Jeane Kirkpatrick, RIP

I was a bit young to comprehend what a force Jeane Kirkpatrick was when she served as President Ronald Reagan's ambassador to the United Nations. But I did know who Kirkpatrick was -- she was the one who was having a torrid affair with Bill the Cat. Kirkpatrick will probably best be remembered for her […]

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When Everytown, Giffords and others describe states like CA, NY, and NJ as having the best gun control laws in the country, but then say those gun laws are still way too weak, they are giving away their endgame. Full bans of most (if not all) of civilian owned firearms.

Konstadinos Moros@MorosKostas

Stronger gun laws? Bro this is what the organization you fund says about New York.

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