December 21, 2006
Why I'm still single Reason #184543957

I found the Fark headline pointing to this sappy story hilarious. Man loses 125 pounds of unwanted weight in order to become a cop, then gets it right back by getting married two days later

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December 21, 2006
Jobs Americans won't do

I'm sure you're familiar with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement sweep last week that netted more than 1,000 illegal immigrants working at Swift & Co. meat-processing plants last week. Well, apparently those jobs weren't among the ones Americans won't do -- people (most of them apparently legal residents) were lined up out the door to […]

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December 21, 2006
Secrets in his socks

Former Clinton administration national security adviser Sandy Berger Burglar pleaded guilty last year to charges that he stole classified documents from the National Archives. He was fined $50,000 and lost his security clearance for three years (just getting them back in time if a Democrat wins the White House in 2008). Wednesday, the inspector general's […]

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"The decision will give a blueprint for the government to pry open safe deposit boxes, storage lockers, and other private spaces—and to take the contents with civil forfeiture."

This is why no one trusts you or your network, Andrew. It took 5 paragraphs to get to the part where it explains that this "interview" was by a random guy accosting Kent on the street and asking him questions. It's almost as if you want an even smaller audience than you have now.

andrew kaczynski @KFILE

GOP congressional candidate Joe Kent's ties to white nationalists include interview with Nazi sympathizer

It's become a losing battle, but I'm glad @jessesingal stands with the dwindling camp of journalists who don't believe every sentence they publish must be laced with propaganda. If only there were some journalism professors still in that camp.

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