The silly season

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Usually the silly season is the one that just ended — the months leading up to November elections. Earlier today, however, I discovered it is in fact the start of another silly season — the holiday shopping season. I went to the local Circuit City today to pick up “Gears of War,” the Xbox360’s newest “killer app.” What did I find when I pulled up to the door? Several people with tents pitched outside the store.


Because they’re waiting in line for the PlayStation 3 launch — a week from tomorrow. That’s right, the line has formed 8 days early.

Can someone explain to me how people who apparently have no jobs they need to go to can afford a game system that’s going to run them a minimum of $600?

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  1. John says:

    Wow PS3 is out in 8 days, what the hell am I doing in front of this computer.

  2. AZVicki says:

    I’m taking the fifth wheel, no tents for me.

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