Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on November 18, 2006

China has finally admitted that it has been doing a great evil.

After years of denial, China has acknowledged that many of the human organs used in transplants here are taken from executed prisoners and that many of the recipients are foreigners who pay hefty sums to avoid a long wait.

Speaking at a conference of surgeons in the southern city of Guangzhou, Deputy Health Minister Huang Jiefu called for a strict code of conduct and better record-keeping to stem China's thriving illegal organ trade, state media reported.

"Apart from a small portion of traffic victims, most of the organs from cadavers are from executed prisoners," said Huang, reported the English-language China Daily newspaper Thursday. "The current organ donation shortfall can't meet demand."

These aren't all murderers, gang members and common criminals -- you can be sure that some of these are political prisoners.

I've been a pretty lone voice on the right for quite some time against the proposition that trade with China will eventually necessitate democratic reforms. I don't see it happening. Instead, the quasi-capitalism uninformed by political considerations or religious morality leads to these sorts of abominations.

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  1. I have to ask, why is it better to waste the organs? It's not like China is going to let these people live.

  2. Because what appears to be happening is this:

    Transplant doctor: "Your tissue type is BA1547/b-2, let's see what we've got ... (Looks at list of prisoners and their tissue types) ... Yes, we've got a liver for you!"

  3. Thats the point, the prisoner would have been dead and buried 6 months ago if not for the program. The liver would be rotting away in some mass grave somewhere near Mongolia. I dont believe that by ending the program lives will be saved, in fact, it just means that two or more will die instead of one.

  4. Remember, they're making money off this, which leads to this problem: What happens when they don't have anyone in jail with a specific tissue type? There's a profit motive here to deliver an organ. Do you think that maybe they've arrested people they normally wouldn't in order to get some more organs? How about people they've released before? Do they go out and re-arrest them merely because they've got the right tissue type?

    Treating a substantial majority of your population like an organ farm is evil. The fact that they tend to murder political prisoners anyway certainly doesn't make this any better.


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