Still not serious

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As every election nears, pollsters often ask what are the most pressing issues facing the nation. The list usually contains five or six issues that get a substantial response. This year I’m sure the list will include: Iraq, terrorism, the economy, immigration, medical costs, Social Security, energy (oil) prices. You can probably come up with a handful of others.

But, you’re normal. Ezra Klein of the left-wing magazine The American Prospect is working from a different list.

I’m of the opinion that how to handle Wal-Mart is among the two or three most important issues facing the country.

That’s right. How an American retailer is “handled” is one of the top two or three issues facing the nation. Exactly how would one have the government “handle” one business differently than all the others?

There’s lots of good comments over at The American Prospect — it appears to have been taken over by people who know basic economics.

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  1. Ron Short says:

    I wonder if Teddy Roosevelt thought business’s ever needed to be “handled” by the government?

  2. terrence says:

    talk about running out of ideas…
    These left-wing-wackadoos are hilarious.
    “How to handle Wal-Mart”, what a HOOT!
    These rejects from the 1800’s still are waiting for the overthrow of evil capitalism!

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