Godwin's law

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You may not have heard it called that, but you’ve heard about it. Godwin’s law basically states that as any Internet discussion progresses, the probability of someone invoking the Nazis approaches a certainty.

Unfortunately this problem has reached the airwaves. First you had MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann giving a Nazi salute (while holding up a Bill O’Reilly mask) at a television correspondents’ conference. Now you have former Democrat House candidate and Marine Paul Hackett calling former Coalition Provisional Authority spokesman Dan Senor an “unterfurher” on Fox News.

Hackett might want to stay away from the VFW hall for awhile, I’m sure some of those old-timers who actually fought real Nazis aren’t going to be that impressed with Hackett calling his political opponents Nazis.

*UPDATE* It turns out that Hackett is a bigger donkeybutt than I had described earlier: Dan Senor is Jewish and his mother is a Holocaust survivor.

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  1. Alexander Alt says:

    The “media” has yet to delve into why Hackett was forced to leave the US Senate race against Mike DeWine.

    [SNIP –ed].

    Mr. Hoy, can you elaborate on why the Dems threw a “war hero” over the side for a US Senate seat?

    [I’m not going to let this blog go down to Hackett’s level when there’s no evidence for either one of those charges against him. As for throwing a war hero over the side, Occam’s razor — maybe they just don’t like the military.]

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