Save the whales!

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on June 23, 2006

Or do you global-warming scaremongers want more of them to die!

Global warming has made life harder for some wildlife species, but it may be providing a temporary boost to the health and population of Pacific gray whales.

The number of gray whale calves migrating this spring along the West Coast increased by 8 percent versus last year's group, a team of researchers led by a San Diego scientist announced yesterday.

The larger number is a result of better-fed adult females taking advantage of shrinking sea ice in the Arctic Ocean, which has enlarged their feeding grounds, said Wayne Perryman, a biologist at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center in La Jolla.

Sea ice covers more than 2 million square miles of the Arctic, but that expanse has contracted since 2001. Most scientists believe global warming is causing the trend.

In prior years when the sea ice melted more slowly, some pregnant gray whales had trouble finding food and the rate of stillbirths was higher, Perryman explained.

Save the whales, drive an SUV!

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  1. [...] *UPDATE 2* For those of you who are interested in taking the debate further, might I suggest these two subsequent posts: First, global warming is helping save the whales — which will you choose? Helping the whales or driving a Prius? Second, one of those underqualified MIT professors writes that there is no consensus on human-driven global warming alarmism. [...]

  2. It's also known that climate change will raise the sea temperature and, as a consequence, we'll have more and bigger cephalopods. Giant squid against gray whales?


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