June 12, 2006
Terrorists are like liberal Democrats

At least, that's what you'd have to believe if you read Monday's New York Times editorial on the three suicides at the terrorist prison camp at Guantanamo Bay. OpinionJournal.com's James Taranto takes a whack at a portion of the Times editorial. The Times editorial page bemoans the plight of these poor innocent terrorists: [Their suicides […]

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June 12, 2006
About that Federal Marriage Amendment

Yes, the Republicans trot out the constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage out ever couple of years in order to rally their base. And if the Democrats had control of either house, you can bet your knickers that there would've been some vote on raising the minimum wage. In other words, it's politics and […]

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Buttigieg is going with *we waited until it was safely over the ocean*, which demands that the question be asked "Why didn't you do this over the Bering Sea? Why did you let it cross America?"

If @jaketapper were a journalist, he'd ask.

He didn't.

Tapper is not a journalist.

Here's where I'm at with this.

Even if it was a weather balloon, even if it was an accident, even if Trump did it...what's the response to this question?

It *can't* be "to avoid provoking China" because Biden shot it down anyways.

Biden can't have it both ways. https://twitter.com/jasoninthehouse/status/1622038491218726913

Jason Chaffetz @jasoninthehouse

Mr. President, what is the answer to this question?

I continue to be annoyed by online media companies skimping on the copy editors.

If you disagree, we may feud over the issue.

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