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Just for the record: Former President Jimmy Carter’s buddy in Venezuela, Hugh Chavez, has been a bad boy. According to this article, Chavez is going through the voter rolls to see who doesn’t like him as president — and firing them.

In the two years since she signed a petition that forced a recall vote on President Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan lawyer Rocio San Miguel says she lost her government job, colleagues became afraid to talk to her, and her husband, a pilot, was taken off active duty from the Air Force.

“It was a witch hunt,” said San Miguel, 39. Last month she and two other Foreign Ministry employees filed a complaint with the Organization of American States alleging their political rights were violated when they were fired. The case is pending.

The practice of denying government jobs to some of the 3.4 million Venezuelans who signed the petition has intimidated voters and will help Chavez win re-election in December, said Riordan Roett, an international studies professor at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Jimmy Carter blessed the rigged recall vote that ended up leaving Chavez in charge, even after researchers determined with better than 99 percent certainty that massive, widespread fraud had occurred.

Jimmy Carter: The tyrant’s best friend.

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