The other face

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on December 13, 2002

The Democratic Party has long proclaimed itself the friend of the "average American," taking the side of the "people against the powerful."

But, that's the face they show the public, with the connivance of the national media -- The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN.

The hidden face, is one seldom seen, it's the face of the Democratic Party that doesn't hold the views of the vast majority of Americans.

It's a party that preaches family values, yet defends the adulterous actions of Bill Clinton and Gary Condit.

It's a party that preaches equality, but defends quotas for their favored constituents.

It's a party that preaches tolerance, yet supports candidates like Cynthia McKinney who blame the J-E-W-S for the evil in the world.

It's a party that scrutinizes the judicial nominees from the opposition party for the slightest sin, yet supports Rep. Alcee Hastings -- an impeached judge.

It's a party that says it respects women, yet dismisses the actions of Sen. Ted Kennedy, whose actions led to the death of a woman.

It's a party that says it supports the military, yet cuts the defense budget at every opportunity.

It's a party that claims to support the ability of common people to sue the powerful, yet instead supports trial lawyers who get multimillion dollar judgements in class action cases, lining their pockets with hefty fees while the people wronged get coupons.

It's a party that claims to care about the integrity of the voting process, yet its violates state law by using the polling places for get-out-the-vote offices.

It's a party that claims to care about the poor, yet created a welfare system that kept people in poverty, dependent on the government for handouts.

It's a party that pretends to care about the homeless all the time, but in reality only cares when a few cigarettes will get a homeless person to pull the right (left?) lever.

Is this an unfair and cynical view of the Democratic party?

Is it wrong to paint an entire political party as -- at best -- out of touch with the American people; and at worst downright evil?

Well, this is unfair at best, and outrageous at worst.


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December 2002



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