Talking California Taxes

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on August 4, 2020

I'll be on Dave Congalton's show in less than an hour talking California taxes. Late last week, Democrats in Sacramento unveiled a plan that would raise taxes on millionaires.

Specifically, AB 1253 would add a new section to the Revenue and Taxation Code to provide the following three higher tax rates (in addition to the existing ones):

  • A 1% tax on income above $1 million, but not over $2 million
  • A 3% tax on income over $2 million, but not over $5 million
  • A 3.5% tax on income over $5 million

These thresholds would have to be recomputed for each tax year beginning on or after January 1, 2021 based upon the California CPI.

For those who are interested, here are some additional links for some of my source materials which will almost certainly enter into the conversation.

First, a great Bill Whittle video from 2011 demonstrating that you can't get everything you want just by taxing "the rich."

Here's a couple of articles on France's now-defunct millionaires tax from the last decade:

If a Wealth Tax is Such a Good Idea, Why Did Europe Kill Theirs?

France waves discreet goodbye to 75 percent super-tax

Here's a great short story by author Frank J. Fleming, "The Demon Capitalism."

And a somewhat related issue, Democrats' efforts to do away with the cap on the state and local income tax deduction.

I will update this page with the audio when it's available. You can listen live here.

The audio is now available. You can listen to it below.


SENATOR CASSIDY: "Why doesn't the president care?"

YELLEN: "He cares very deeply."

CASSIDY: "Then where is his plan?"

YELLEN: "He stands ready to work with Congress."

CASSIDY: "That's a lie! A bipartisan group of senators have repeatedly requested to meet with him!"

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