Women's March in SLO

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on January 16, 2017

I'll be attending Saturday's Women's March in San Luis Obispo, not as a participant, but as an observer. This won't be the first protest I've attended, just the first in quite some time.

I'm going for one primary reason: One of the speakers here in San Luis Obispo is the Chief of Police, Deanna Cantrell. While the Women's March bills itself as non-partisan, etc. I strongly doubt these marches being held across the country would have happened had Hillary Clinton won the presidency last November.

So, I'm going to hold the organizers, and Chief Cantrell to their promise that:

This march is an affirmative, peaceful gathering, open and safe for women, their allies, and their children. That insight originates from the National March and has been widely accepted by over 150 marches taking place on the same day across the country and the world. We want this to be an affirmative march FOR all women’s rights, including all the hopes mentioned in our mission statement. While these issues are being threatened by the President-Elect, we do not want a negative connotation to the march. This march is not a protest; it is a rally in solidarity with marchers across our nation and world. It is about placing aside our differences, joining together, and raising our voices in strength and pride. It is about us – the women and their supporters who will gather on January 21st – not about one man.

When this was first announced several weeks ago I was skeptical that this was really anything more than your typical leftist protest with the barest effort to make it appear non-partisan and open to all.

Just days before the Women's March, I was proven right.

And just that quickly, 40 percent of women aren't welcome at the Women's March—a position even pro-choice liberal Kirsten Powers described as "sad." In fact, roughly 80 percent of all Americans are opposed to the abortion-on-demand-without-restriction position of the March's organizers.

We'll see if the local version is different than the national version, but everyone should be clear on what this really is: a pro-abortion, anti-Trump march.


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