Los Angeles Times Gun Ignorance

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on January 31, 2017

The Los Angeles Times is your typical big-city newspaper full of hoplophobic know-nothings whose gun ignorance is a badge of honor. Earlier this month, the Times opined, one of the nation's largest newspapers, that allowing concealed weapons on college campuses is a "silly, and dangerous, idea."

As is to be expected when it comes to gun-ban advocates—and make no mistake, the Times editorial board would be wholeheartedly behind the complete criminalization of firearms ownership and door-to-door confiscation—their zeal is matched only by their ignorance.

What the Times fails to note at any point in its editorial was that the carry of concealed firearms on college campuses (and K-12 schools) was legal in California until Jan. 1, 2016. From a policy standpoint, the colleges may have prohibited bearing arms and would have been within their rights to fire an employee or expel a student found with a concealed firearm, but there was no legal prohibition if the individual had a valid concealed carry permit.

During all those years when concealed carry was legal on the K-12 and college campuses in California, the number of concealed carriers who pulled out their guns and started shooting innocents was precisely zero.

The Times highlights the famous Clocktower shooting at the University of Texas back in 1966, but fails to note that numerous students carrying rifles fired back at the sniper in the gun tower, keeping him pinned down until 3 cops and a student rushed the tower and killed him.

Gun Ignorance
Protesters at the University of Texas oppose campus carry legislation. Photo courtesy Statesman.com.

Before campus carry was legalized (again) in Texas last year, opponents had predicted that blood would run in rivers on the state's campuses and that every grade dispute would turn into a gunfight.

None of that has happened.

The Times also, laughably, claims that the rather obvious truism that a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun has been proven false. Never mind that the "proper response" to any campus shooting is to call the police—all good guys with guns.

The Times made this claim just five days after a "good guy with a gun," a convicted felon who had his gun rights restored more than a decade ago, saved the life of an Arizona State trooper.

You know the case against permissive concealed carry, including on school and college campuses where decades of "gun-free school zones" have failed to keep our children safe, is weak when obfuscation and (at best) half-truths are all that can be marshaled for its defense.

Gun ignorance indeed.


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