Libertarian Party prognosis

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For my Sunday column in the San Luis Obispo Tribune, I interviewed local Libertarian Party president and perennial U.S. Senate candidate Gail Lightfoot.

My talk with Lightfoot lasted for just over an hour and, while there are some things upon which we disagree, our areas of agreement are broader than those I would have with the other minor party, the Green Party.

I really would have considered voting for former Gov. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s candidate, but it just isn’t to be. When Johnson had this huge political opening on his right, he chose instead to shift left in a bizarre attempt to court disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters—people with whom you’d think Libertarians would have serious, fundamental philosophical and policy disagreements.

You can find my reasons for opposing Johnson in the links in my column.

I mentioned independent conservative  candidate Evan McMullin near the end of my column, and I’ll be tossing my meaningless-in-California vote his way.

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