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Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on November 18, 2013

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi went on NBC's "Meet the Press" yesterday and demonstrated an impressive tenacity. She holds fast to her talking points with such tenacity that Lawrence Taylor in his prime couldn't have ripped a football from her grasp.

I love how Pelosi (and interviewer David Gregory) seem oblivious to the fact that if the people in question already have a health care plan that Obamacare is now making illegal, the fact that now they can't be denied for a pre-existing condition isn't exactly a selling point—they already had a plan.

This next one demonstrates similar tenacity. Commentator Zerlina Maxwell has been handed the talking points and not even the 16-ton weight of reality can knock it out of her relatively empty head.

Two points to make:

  1. At  about 2:45 Maxwell makes the point that she's currently uninsured. Here's someone who has quite nice clothes, is a New York Daily News contributor, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't show up on Fox News for free, confessing that she's irresponsible and currently does not have insurance.
  2. At about 3:10, in response to the obvious truth (Maxwell: "That's Not True.") that young people are needed to pay to make the exchanges work says that people will sign up for insurance—particularly women—will buy insurance because they "don't want to roll the dice" and then she plays the "gender" card.

Try to get into Maxwell's head for a minute (there's a lot of free space, we can all fit in) and try to reconcile the fact that she doesn't have insurance right now (by choice!) and that its somehow sexist to suggest that young women will be hesitant to buy expensive insurance they likely won't need (as she is currently doing).


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