RIP Herb Klein

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on July 2, 2009

Former Copley Newspapers Editor-in-Chief Herb Klein died today at the age of 91. Klein was also notable as the first-ever White House communications director, serving President Richard Nixon.

I met Klein several years ago when I had the audacity to apply for a job opening for an editorial writer at the Union-Tribune. The only reason I got as far in the interview proces as I did was this blog. I didn't get the job, but I did get the privilege of having two interviews with Klein during the process.

Being in his office was like entering a sort of political museum. I was admitted to his office a few minutes before he came in and just stared at the walls, spotting a Herblock cartoon depicting Klein holding on to both sides of a "credibility" chasm between Nixon and the press.

I enjoyed our conversations -- they felt much more like that than an interview -- and remember him putting off the end of our second interview by several minutes to finish up a subject even though his next appointment was waiting in the lobby. As I walked out, I recognized the guest who'd been kept waiting, but didn't put a name on him until I was back downstairs at my desk. The guy kept cooling his heels was Daniel Goldin, NASA administrator.

RIP, Herb Klein.


Actually, no serious person is sure what the conservative majority will do here. That's common in these politically charged cases. Meanwhile, literally nobody doubts what the *Democrat-appointed* justices will do. So who is "deeply partisan" again?

Doing some research and checked out @TheDispatchFC front page. It turns out the answer to every single one of these is "No." But one doesn't have that simple explanation on the main page. Why?

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