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Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on April 10, 2009

Pastor Rick Warren, author of the bestselling book "The Purpose-Driven Life," was on Hugh Hewitt's radio show earlier this week. Warren talked about a variety of things, but one issue that was just mentioned in passing jumped out at me.

HH: Rick Warren, to wrap this one up before we talk about the church in America and whether or not it’s dead in the next hour, President Obama, you’ve obviously prayed with him and for him. What is your measure of the man?

RW: I think at his heart, Obama is a pragmatist. I think that he is certainly liberal. He is doing exactly what he said he’d do. I mean, he wasn’t bait and switch. He said I’m going to change these things on stem cells, I’m going to change these things on abortion. I’ve disagreed with him personally on them, and actually challenged him to sit down with me and let me take him through the Scriptures to show why the Bible teaches that God planned you before you were even conceived, and that abortion short-circuits the plan and purpose of God. So he knows that. At the same time, he knows that we can get along on some issues that America has to pull together on some areas.

Let me state that I'm unsurprised that Obama didn't take Warren up on his offer to walk him through the scriptures on the issue of life. Obama likes to tout his open-mindedness and willingness to work with people who hold differing views -- as long as the other side drops their differing views.

I highlighted that little interlude so I could point out this one.

Obama is scheduled to receive an honorary degree and speak at the commencement ceremony at Notre Dame in a couple months. Notre Dame is a Catholic university, and the fact that they're choosing to honor the most radical pro-abortion president in history has some, understandably, in an uproar. Reporting on this, a CNN reporter made the following quizzical statement to "Situation Room" host Wolf Blitzer.

SUSAN ROESGEN, GULF COAST CORRESPONDENT: Can you believe that, Wolf, they’re actually praying that God will change the heart and mind of President Obama to make him pro-life?

Omigosh! Unnnnnbelievable!

Blitzer's response?


The mainstream media is so completely out of touch with pro-life Christians, that we might as well be from a different planet.

Journalism. Wound. Self-inflicted.


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