Quasi live-blogging the press conference

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on February 9, 2009

I'm getting really sick and tired of the "create or save jobs" phrasing. It's meaningless, yet no one calls on it.

The guy still thinks he's a senator. Was that a eight minute answer to a not so complicated question? You don't filibuster a press conference.

Don't even bother raising your hands reporters, Obama's got a list of approved reporters and he's going to use it.

AP first. Reuters second. Who'll be third?

"A relationship of mutual respect" with Iran? And you get the mutual respect by kowtowing?

CBS is third.

On bi-partisanship, or lack thereof.

It's clear now, Obama isn't in charge. He's listed his outreach efforts, but the problem is that he hasn't issued similar orders to Speaker Nancy Pelosi or Senate majority leader Harry Reid.

Strawman alert!

There's no one (excepting maybe Ron Paul) who's said we should do "nothing."

ABC News is #4. So, 6 questions maybe? NBC, CNN and that's it. Will evil Fox News get an opportunity?

I don't think he answered the question. What are taxpayers supposed to do with their checks? Spend it? Save it?

Surprise pick No. 5: Bloomberg!

TARP question -- are we going to need more than the $350 billion remaining?

You can tell he was a college lecturer. He's outlining all of the surrounding issues, but not answering the question.

Finally the answer: I don't know.

ABC News is No. 6!

What's the metric by which to judge if his plan is working?

"Creating or saving 4 million jobs." So, in other words as long as 4 million people are employed in a population of 300 million people, we have success.

CNN is No. 7.

Wow! What a brain-dead question. When are we going to pull out of Afghanistan? And policy on prohibiting the media from taking photos of flag-draped coffins.

Will he use the word "win" to describe what we want to accomplish in Afghanistan?

No timetable, at least we get that.

New York Times No. 8.

Shocker! Fox News gets a question.

Oh you've got to be kidding me. The Washington Post asks about A-Rod.

The crazy old aunt in the attic. "So-called" terrorists, huh, Helen? Someone put that old wacko in a padded room.

She also lays a trap for Obama -- will he admit that Israel has nukes?

He deftly sidesteps the trap.

Oh, yeah. He's anti-nuke. Reducing our arsenal doesn't "set an example" it demonstrates weakness.

The Huffington Post has a White House correspondent?

NPR. Good question from Mara Liasson. In theory, the stimulus bill should be pretty dang easy to get bipartisan support. Health care reform, etc. will be much tougher.

Strawman again. Can he name one person, other than Ron Paul, who says we need do nothing regarding the economy?

And he's done.

He's not selling me. Maybe I'm just not buying.

He talked about Japan's "lost decade" as a cautionary tale, but neglected to point out that we appear to be following Japan's model in that debacle.

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  1. From now on I will only pay attention to what Obama does, and not what he says. (I know. Laugh at me for being late to the party). He uses the debating construct that a talented 6th grader uses, which is that he acknowledges all points of view, when discussing some issue. This wins him plaudits from the pliant media, which portray him as sincerely "post-partisan". Then he goes off and implements some policy in a strictly partisan manner.

    It has already gotten incredibly tiresome and we are only 3 weeks into this.


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The judge should not take them at their word that they will "fix" it. The judge should issue the preliminary injunction we requested.

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