Cover-up continues

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on January 9, 2009

Pro-Israel and conservative blogs have been all over the story of CNN peddling a bit of Hamas theater today. As you watch this video, take a good look at the supposed "victim" and the medical treatment he receives.

After the uproar erupted, CNN pulled the video from its servers, without a word of explanation. Following the links provided on many of the blogs led you to a CNN video player page with the simple notice that this video was "no longer available."

Now, more 12 hours later, even the empty video page is gone. Now, the link takes you to a text-only story with no evidence that a video ever existed.

So, the video was questionable enough that it had to be removed, but the story supporting the fradulent video stays?

That's not bad journalism, that's out and out propaganda.

And still not a peep from "the most trusted name in news."


CNN doubles down on deceit.

I love this explanation:

Responding to accusations that the resuscitation efforts of Mashharawi's brother appeared inauthentic, Martin said that, based on his years of reporting from Gaza, doctors often go through such efforts even with little hope that a patient can be saved.

So, if there's little hope that someone can be saved, you do chest compressions on the kid's stomach?

Also watch the video again and focus on the damage allegedly caused by an Israeli missile launched from a drone. The only missiles capable of being launched from a drone are Hellfire missiles. Is there any doubt that a Hellfire missile would've caused much more damage -- including flattening the entire home?

CNN brings new meaning to the term "useful idiot." Who are you going to trust? The "most trusted name in news" or your lying eyes?

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  1. I just showed that clip to my wife, who is a Board Certified Emergency Physician practicing at a major East Coast teaching hospital where she is also the assistant residency director.

    In between the giggling at the efforts of the "doctors" - especially the one doing "CPR" although the one putting bandaids on the kid's neck is also apparently amusing - she commented that they fake medical care better than that on bad American daytime soap operas.

    Perhaps CNN should have run that piece of garbage past Surgeon General Sanjay Gupta.

  2. "Perhaps CNN should have run that piece of garbage past Surgeon General Sanjay Gupta"

    That implies CNN was also hoodwinked. I doubt it. Remember, this is the network that deliberately supressed information of Saddam's rape rooms and torture chambers [Eason Jordon].

  3. B-

    I would argue that George W. Bush has done more to promote the extremist faction of Islam moreso than Obama... who has done really nothing at this point to support your original assertion one way or the other.

    The way I look at it... CNN didn't get Obama elected, but rather FOX News, ABC, CBS and NBC (there may be an individual exception or two within those organizations) didn't do a good enough job to get McCain elected.

  4. Thundermonkey is amusing. Bush may not have done all he should have to lessen the spread of Islamofascism (drilling in the US and cutting off Saudi Arabia, for example) but to say he promoted it is risible. And the "extremist faction of Islam" is in the majority, you know-- most the the Muslim countries in the world (45 out of 54) signed the Cairo Human Rights Declaration which stated that Sharia has supremacy over the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights..
    But it's his second comment that is the most hilarious. I can never get enough of liberals who say, with the greatest sincerity, that the news media is biased towards the right. If they can believe that, in the face of all evidence, then they can believe anything. And frequently do.

  5. As I watched the video, I tried to "take a good look at the supposed “victim”" -- but in the video I watched, the person with the camera was extremely careful to NOT show the victim. For all I could tell, they performed CPR (and poorly) on a rag doll.

  6. "Tokyo Rose", "Baghdad Bob" and, now add, anyone on CNN/writing for the NY Times. In another, more just time, the stock value of rope, tar and feathers would've maxed out trying to supply the demand for their just use on the traitorous scum. Good-bye my sweet America...

  7. To Bill,who claims to be married to a "Board Certified Emergency Physician":

    Mads Gilbert, the caucasian doctor featured in the video, is a world reknown professor of Emergency medicine. He has authored a book on how to treat landmine victims in war-zone environments, and is considered one of the leading experts in the world in this field. His book (Save Lives, save Limbs) was highly praised in the Emergency Medical Journal, a subsidiary of the Britih Medical Journal.

    Doctor Gilbert certainly has a reputation to take care of in the world community of emergency medicine. If watching his work makes your wife "giggle", I guess proving him to be a fake is a piece of cake for your "Board certified" wife.

    Couldn't be bothered, you say?

    I believe you are a fake, and your wife is a fake, and your whole story is a cheap little lie.

    I challenge you or anybody else to expose Gilbert as a fake to the Emergency medicine community. His reputation will guarantee that an exposure of the alleged fake will see publication in the world's most distinguished medical journals.

    The fact is that none of you has a clue as to what you are talking about. Cowards. Ignorants.

  8. Hew is funny with his straw man. Dr. Gilbert may be the best doctor on the planet, but it does not exempt him from being an ignoramus who is swimming in Kool Aid.

  9. I am challenging anyone to expose Gilbert as a faker, that what he and his assistant is doing in the video is not correct medical procedure in this situation.

    Especialley the self-proclaimed nameless "experts" on Emercency medicine.

    Yes if Gilbert is a fraud and a fake, I want him exposed to his peers, to the very medical community of wich he is a star.

    'cause you see, one of you have a clue about medicine. You are just a bunch of incompetent inernet posters.

    give me a real doctor with a name. get a real doctor with a name to expose Gilbert. If you can. I don't think you can, because I think you are totaly ignorant about medicine.

    But by all means, prove me wrong. Not with your ridicilous amateur blabber, prove me wrong by a real expert i Emergency medicine.

    That is my challenge. And none of you can take me up on it. because not a single person here can get hold of a single real doctor with a name, a job and a rep to comment on this.

    That's no straw man. That is a challenge to prove this pathetic conspiracy theory of yours. But you can't.

    1. Hew, you're a moron. Gilbert is a terrorist-supporting scumbag who approved of the 9/11 attacks.

      You don't have to be medical doctor to know that that video doesn't portray what the voice-over says it portrays. I've been in enough emergency rooms and been at enough accident scenes to know what efforts at resuscitation look like -- and that ain't it.

      Oh, and just FYI. Don't pick on Hew because of his poor English -- he's posting from Amsterdam.

  10. There must be thousands of real doctors in the US who really knows Emergency medicine. I'm sure some of them have to be friends of Israel and very eager to take down this commie-terrorist fake doctor.
    Yuo see, if Gilbert is faking, he is violating a lot of standards and procedures, and anyone able to prove this, will take him down with a crash. Hee will never practice medicine again. His book wil not be reprinted. His mane will be shamed all over the world.
    Isn't that tempting?

    But you can't get hold of a single competent person to say this and back it with his name. Not one single serious doctor. Although there are thousands of you laymen out there who are able to spot this fake instantly.

    How very strage. Not a single real doctor with a real name and a real degree.

  11. There is no need to further repudiate Dr. Gilbert's claims. A simple viewing of the video is all one needs to see that the resuscitation effort is at best inadequate and and worse fake. The compressions are too rapid and too shallow. Gilbert has made false statements in the past supporting palestinian terrorists, its not surprising he would take part in a propaganda video.
    Michael Miller, M.D.

  12. you people make me sick. Pro hamas doctors? fake CPR?

    That's the problem with the pro israeli crowd, they DON"T CARE about arabs. I'm actually a jewish doctor who used to live in Israel. I know the type. I used to hear all the time, how the arabs are "animals" and "subhuman" and should be "expelled" from the land.

    And as a doctor, we give CPR to people long after the machines tell us they're dead. And once they're dead, you'er supposed to give the CPR faster.

    You can call it propaganda, or whatever you like. I can show you hundreds of pictures of babies with shrapnel wounds, and holes in their heads from this recent MASSACRE.

    But what would be teh point. YOU WOULDN'T CARE. Just like the Germans DIDN"T CARE.

    1. Mr. Hoffman, I care more about Arabs than anyone in Hamas does. The doctor on the left has been quoted as approving of the 9/11 attacks. I have no doubt that he will say and do whatever is necessary to make Israel appear in a bad light -- including lying.

      Watch the video and tell me that's the proper way to do CPR. It's not about the boy's physical state, it's about the treatment he's receiving -- or put more accurately, not receiving.

      I have no doubt that innocent civilians have died in Gaza and those deaths are a tragedy.

      The point of this post is strictly to do with journalism. This video is a lie. Journalists are supposed to tell the truth and this is a lie. You can claim this is "representative" of what is going on in Gaza, but then label it a re-enactment or some such thing. But it isn't journalism, and that's the thrust of my complaint.

  13. That was obviously not damage from a Hellfire missile. It is about as much damage as you'd expect from a grenade. I suspect that either the boy was playing with a grenade he found in the house, or was deliberately "martyred" so this fellow-traveling doctor and CNN could display dramatic footage of the attempted resuscitation of a photogenic victim. The Pali cockroaches have done it before.

  14. What gets me, is how people are so one sided no matter what. This idea that because the doctor is well known, everything on that video is true. And because no medical doctor has come across this site and hasnt posted their reaction to the video, the video must be correct. And then there is the fact that the same people do NOT comment on the innocent children that have died to suicide bombers and those missiles that hamas aims at schools, etc. It is what they dont say that says EVERYTHING. To me, the fact that CNN pulled the video shows they were not confident in it.

  15. I have been trained in CPR. I had to review the video twice, and be TOLD the doctor was doing chest compressions on the patient to understand what he was doing. First run through, I figured he was adjusting some electrodes.

    In CPR, chest compressions are done 2 handed with arms straight, elbows locked. One hand is placed on the other, 2 inches above where the rib cage splits. The rescuer then pushes down with his body weight through the palms. This creates a lot of force, and it's not uncommon for ribs to crack or break during CPR. Which is why you never do it on someone who doesn't need it. Real chest compressions are also interspersed with assisted breathing. Done by mouth to mouth, or in a strict medical setting by a plastic ball designed to squeeze air into the lungs.

    In contrast, the man in the video has not positioned his weight over his palms. He presses down with his arms, not his body weight. There is neither mouth to mouth nor other type of assisted breathing shown by the camera.

    All this means that either the doctors are simulating what happened, or faking something that didn't actually happen. If it was the former, why didn't CNN bother to say that?

  16. Bookstopper:

    Every boy scout is trained in CPR, but that doesn't make them competent to review situations like the one depicted in the video.

    In this context, you amateurish statements make holocaust-deniers - that other group of people preoccupied in trying to turn reality into fabricated fraud - seem serious and hardworking in comparision.

    In the video, (arond 40 seconds into it) you can very cleary see surgical tape around the boys mouth - a very clear indication that the boy in fact IS or newly WAS being ventilated (by what you call "a plastic ball..etc").

    It's actaully hard to believe how you all work so hard to convince yourselves that what your eyes see is not true.
    This is not just plain stupidity, this is also ideologically based self-inflicted blindness.

    1. Hew, you ignore the M.D.'s opinion you demanded several posts before. Also, your retreat to a claim about "surgical tape" around the boy's mouth proves your own position false. What we witness in the video is not, as it was described, efforts to save the boy -- otherwise the plastic ball would still be there. He "IS"n't being ventilated -- because you admit you don't see that happening. If he "WAS," then, again, this is evidence that what is depicted on the state isn't as it was described on the voice-over -- a "live" attempt to save the boy's life. This is the definition of "staged" or, if you prefer, a "re-enactment."

      Either way. The CNN's report is inaccurate.

      P.S. My biggest shortcoming is that I don't suffer fools lightly. Further posting by Hew will not be forthcoming.

  17. Hew's point about ventilation is valid as surgical tape around the mouth is for intubation.
    Though the voiceover definately seems inaccurate, nothing we see in the video from inside the ER indicates staged procedures.


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