January 9, 2009
All about appearances

On principle, I think that prohibitions on lobbyists taking jobs in government agencies they once lobbied are unnecessary. While there may be concerns about where their loyalties lie -- with the government job they've got or the private sector job they left -- that's what inspectors general and oversight are for. Often these individuals have […]

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January 9, 2009
Cover-up continues

Pro-Israel and conservative blogs have been all over the story of CNN peddling a bit of Hamas theater today. As you watch this video, take a good look at the supposed "victim" and the medical treatment he receives. After the uproar erupted, CNN pulled the video from its servers, without a word of explanation. Following […]

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January 9, 2009
A fool or a tool?

Our worst ex-president had an op-ed piece in yesterday's Washington Post that must be read to believe. Carter accuses Israel of starving the people in Gaza and accepts Hamas' explanation that the only way that they can fight back is to launch thousands of rockets into Israel. Apparently Hamas can't smuggle in food, but they've […]

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Aside from the "rules are for the Little People" angle, stuff like this really drives home the point that masks are more like an armband on your face, signaling tribal loyalty.

If Breed was actually concerned about Covid, and actually believed masks worked, she wouldn't forget. https://twitter.com/DailyCaller/status/1439962097958412288

Daily Caller@DailyCaller

San Francisco Mayor @LondonBreed defends violating her indoor mask mandate while partying at a club:

“I was feeling the spirit and I wasn’t thinking about a mask."

Fauci should have stopped doing public interviews over a year ago. He's repeatedly done this thing where he pretends (incorrectly) that the science conclusively supports whatever policy position he is advocating for at the time and it leaves a lot of people doubting the science. https://twitter.com/tomselliott/status/1439627772478070791

Tom Elliott@tomselliott

Updated Fauci flip flops:

— COVID being a big deal
— Social distancing
— Masks (flip-flop-flipped)
— Schools re-opening
— T-cell immunity
— Biden admin “starting from scratch” on vaccines
— His wearing a mask as “theater”
— Covid origins
— Covid booster shots

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