Who's more corrupt?

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on December 10, 2008

If perception is reality, then Republicans have a lot of work to do to to overcome the belief that they are more corrupt than their Democratic counterparts. Case in point is this bit from CNN's Wolf Blitzer:

WOLF BLITZER: You know, most of the scandals -- most of the political scandals, Karen, in recent years, have involved Republicans --

KAREN FINNEY: That’s right.

BLITZER: And they’re all pretty well-known. William Jefferson, the Democrat in Louisiana with the 90,000-plus dollars in his freezer -- he just lost his reelection bid. But this is a high -- high-profile Democratic sitting governor right now --

So, on the Democrat side is Blagojevich and "Cold Cash" Jefferson. But most of the time it's Republicans. As Matthew Balan over at Newsbusters notes, Blitzer and his Democratic strategist guest seemed to have forgotten recent scandals involving John Edwards (love-child), Eliot Spitzer (soliciting prostitution), Kwame Kilpatrick (corrupt Detroit mayor) and Tim Mahoney (paying off a mistress with campaign funds).

That list also misses Rep. Charles Rangel's numerous tax-related issues and "Friends of Angelo" senators Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad.

Generally, the more power you have, the more likely corruption will occur. Democrats are currently in charge of both houses of Congress and, come Jan. 20, the executive. Expect perception to slowly catch up with reality -- even with the media attempting to cover for their preferred political party.

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  1. What the NY Times and its brethren in the liberal media can't seem to grasp is that politics is naturally corrupting when it has such a large influence in the private sector. The only way to reduce corruption is to reduce the size of government. But that won't happen of course. So now that the Democrats are in charge the lion's share of corruption cases will be about them. And the MSM will be utterly confused by this turn of events because it views Democrats as pure and Republicans as evil.


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