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Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on August 17, 2008

In the past couple of years my reading on climate change has consisted of and WattsUpWithThat on the Web and the book "Unstoppable Global Warming." Yesterday, I finished "Climate Confusion," by Roy W. Spencer, a book perfect for the layman ("Unstoppable Global Warming" is a little more on the heavy side) when it comes to understanding the global warming debate.

If you're a regular reader of either of the aforementioned Web sites or have read any of Bjorn Lomborg's Wall Street Journal op-eds, then many of the arguments in "Climate Confusion" will be familiar. Where the book is a welcome addition is in its explanation of how weather works and how weather processes influence our global climate. Spencer does an excellent job of explaining meteorological principles and how climate models replicate them.

Actually, Spencer lays out how these climate models aren't very model at all. Some of the basic principles these models purport to mimic aren't nearly well-understood enough to create a model. Instead, modelers guess and run the numbers which show a greenhouse effect that will warm the Earth. Of course, if their guess is even a little bit wrong -- as they likely are -- then what really is going on in the atmosphere may turn out to be completely different.

Spencer also points out, as I have many times before, that the global warming "climate science" as it is presented to the public isn't really science, but a religion. People who question the science aren't simple critics, they're "deniers" likened to those who say the Holocaust never occurred.

I encourage those of you who are interested in the issue to pick up this book. It's less than 200 pages long and very easy to understand. You're guaranteed to know more about the issue after reading this than if you read newspapers or newsmagazines.


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