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If you missed today’s “Fox News Sunday,” then you missed a shining example of how today’s Democrat Party is simply not serious when it comes to foreign policy.

I ripped into former President Carter last week after he pointedly ignored the inconvenient fact that he was suckered by the North Koreans and the “agreed framework” fraud.

This morning, Sen. John Kerry (D-Hair) took up the Carter torch and lambasted President Bush for successfully convincing the United Nations Security Council to impose sanctions on North Korea.

Kerry argued that this was a grave error and instead the United States should have talked directly with North Korea, given Kim Jong Il a basketball signed by Dwayne Wade and kicked the can down the road to the next Democrat administration to ignore.

Aside from now-independent Joe Lieberman, I can’t think of a Democrat with national stature that can be trusted to keep this nation safe from foreign threats.

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