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Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on August 25, 2006

Dale Franks over at QandO has an excellent piece on global warming and public policy.

My problem with the idea of making policy decisions based on what we know now about global warming is that, before you can solve a problem, the dimensions of the problem have to be defined, then a clear-eyed look at the costs and benefits of the proposed policies have to be weighed. That means there are a lot of questions to which we need to have answers, before we can even approach a political solution. [emphasis in original]

The thing is, despite all of the fearmongering that Al Gore and his ilk like to spread around, even they aren't willing to take serious action on the issue. They can't now while Republicans control government, but they wouldn't when they were in control. Witness the Clinton administration's failure to send the Kyoto treaty to the Senate for ratification.

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  1. At the risk of toying with Godwin's Law, I would humbly suggest that in terms of popular support/promotion, Global Warming is becoming akin to Eugenics.

  2. The "theory" of global warming would be universally condemned if the American (and world) media would stop being disgusting leftists and get off their fat asses to investigate the charade that the theory is. Somehow, when the temperature rises 2 degrees, the media in all its glory tells us this is because of global warming. However, when reports that hurricanes and related storms are less this year (which would not be happening if global warming were in fact happening) than the year before (notice that last year at this time we were at Katrina; now we are barely at Ernesto), the media does not tell us that is because global warming is NOT happening.

    Maybe they so want Al Gore as President that they could care less about the truth.

  3. Just read this, and had to comment:

    Witness the Clinton administration’s failure to send the Kyoto treaty to the Senate for ratification.

    I hate to disagree, but Clinton DID send it to the US Senate for ratification.

    On July 25, 1997, the US Senate voted, 95-0, to tell the President that in its present form the Kyoto treaty was unacceptable, and would not pass with even a majority of Senators, much less the 2/3rds needed for a treaty.

    See the Byrd-Hagel Resolution here:

    Clinton never formally introduced the treaty, but he knew it was a goner. Bush didn't waste his time, either.

    Notice how many Democrats voted to call Kyoto unacceptable.

  4. Alexander, he didn't send it to the Senate. That resolution is why he didn't.

    Bush 43 actually ended the fiction by removing the U.S. signature from the treaty.

  5. Mr. Hoy,

    My bad. Despite this, however, the Left never faults those who voted for that resolution.

    Now, if you want to see the Left in full "heads we win, tails you lose" mode, check out this story - that glaciers are growing because of global warming.

    Yep - ice is growing from increased heat.

    Do these people listen to themselves, and see what crap they are pushing?


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