I can't be bothered with pesky facts

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I periodically check out some of the video game blogs. Why? Because I play video games. I don’t blog a lot about video games, because I don’t play video games that much.

Anyway, Kotaku featured [beware of vulgarities] an interesting story on a World of Warcraft message board by a guy who was responsible for an emergency airplane landing the other day. It turns out the guy went to the restroom on the plane and accidentally dumped his Ipod into the toilet. The Ipod got lodged in the plumbing and worried flight attendants thought it could be a bomb. The plane landed, lots of people were inconvenienced, but no one died.

The Kotaku poster — Eliza “Not too bright” Gauger then goes on to opine:

Later on he talks about giving some lip to the fascist bastard that was searching his laptop for “propaganda”. I hope this is true, as I am eager to hear about any sort of protestation against the cluster**** that air travel has become. My last trip through John Wayne Airport was the best reason to move to Vancouver I’ve ever seen.

This got Eliza’s commenters up in arms with one complaining that “freedom of speech doesn’t exist these days.” Another complained that tax dollars were being wasted on things like this. And yet another came up with “Have you checked out who’s in the WH recently?”

Yes, the cops asked him if he had “hate propaganda” on his computer — they also asked him if he had kiddie porn on his computer. After determining that the guy was harmless, they let him go on his merry way.

Oh, and the kicker to all this? It occured in Canada — Ottawa specifically. Yep, George W. Bush is to blame for the fascists in Canada.

It appears that Eliza will be sorely disappointed if she thinks she’s going to Canada to escape all of this.

Well, I go to the gaming blogs because they do a pretty good job of aggregating press releases — not for political insight.

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  1. Alexander Alt says:

    We need racial profiling in airports like the Israelis have.

    Then these kind of people can be racially profiled out of not flying.

    I would definitely feel better not having them on board.

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