Weather or climate change?

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on June 21, 2006

ABC News is asking Joe Public to send them anecdotal "evidence" of global warming.

This is even more hilarious than Al Gore's famous speech on global warming delivered in New York City on one of the coldest days ever on record, because what ABC News is really asking for is for evidence of warm weather, not climate change. Seriously, can Joe Public really offer serious climate change evidence?

The FARK headline on this story read:

ABC asks viewers to send in anecdotal evidence of global warming. "See? Global warming is real because Edna Froodman of Toadsuck Arkansas had her prize hog lose at the county fair this year"

Just for the record, I don't believe there is a town named Toadsuck in Arkansas, but otherwise this is pretty right on.

A reader of National Review's "The Corner" notes some more anecdotal evidence of global warming.

I hear that ABC news is looking for proof of Global Warming. How about this? The "HEAT" won the NBA finals and the "HURRICANES" won it all in the NHL. If that does't prove it, nothing will!

And to think we'd have had nothing to worry about if the Dallas Mavericks and Edmonton Oilers had won.

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  1. That would have been proof positive of the Cheny - Bush conspiracy to split the world between oilmen and cowboys.

  2. Actually, there is a town called Toadsuck, Arkansas.

    For my part, I grew up a few miles from Paint Lick, Kentucky.

    A 'lick,' by the way, is an Appalachian term for a stream or creek.

  3. This is Elmo Froodman. My Ma is Edna Froodman, and we live in a portable home here in Toadsuck, Arkansas. I live near the road, but the damn view of the canal is blocked by a "Bill Clinton was Born in Arkansas" sign which is all rusted over.

    Just to let you know that my Ma did not have her hog lose at the county fair, but it was her prized rabbits which came in second.

    Meanwhile, I think one of her chickens was stolen by The Colonel, that thief.

    Just remember your P's and Q's, sonny. We folks vote too.

    Elmo Froodman
    Toadsuck, Arkansas


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