Immigration and protests

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on March 29, 2006

To say I've been disturbed by the recent protests against congressional efforts to tighten security on our southern border and make illegal immigration a felony instead of a misdemeanor would be an understatement. I've seen a plethora of photos from these protests and I'm shocked by the display of "patriotism."

I use the scare quotes because the patriotism I see isn't pride in America, but instead pride in Mexico -- a barely functioning democracy riddled with corruption that all of these protesters voluntarily left.

It's becoming apparent to me that we have a serious assimilation problem. For years multiculturalism advocates and teachers in high schools and colleges have been pooh-poohing the old concept of an American melting pot where people come from around the world and add a new flavor to the American soup. Instead, they've replaced the melting pot with a salad bowl -- individuals come here, but don't really change who and what they are. They don't become Americans, they become Mexicans or Irish or Salvadorans or French who happen to reside in America.

These protests of the last few days, with their abundance of Mexican flags and dearth of American flags, will likely have the opposite effect than protesters intend. Photos like this one taken earlier this week at Montebello High School up in L.A. are sure to make even sympathetic moderates question the wisdom of amnesty, earned or otherwise.

Protesters replace flags

Lez Jarzomb/Whittier Daily News

We've got a serious problem on our southern border not much will to do anything about it. I'm sympathetic to the idea of a guest worker program, but one that merely gives legal cover to people who have already broken the law isn't an acceptable solution.

For more links regarding this issue, check out Michelle Malkin's site.

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  1. this display of disrespect to the flag that represents all Americans (no matter where they came from) is disturbing. Your post is well written and thoughtful. Let anyone come to this country and join our American society as long as they do it within the law of the land.

    If someone comes here outside of the law, and outside of the rules put in place by the government we elected to office then they should be turned around and sent home to follow the rule of law.

  2. If they don't won't to be an American and fight for our freedom as I have done and my ancesters have done, then they need to get the hell outta of my country, my land.Just who do these people think they are, like I'll lay down and be consumed by a bunch of freaks from anywhere, no way, not anytime. If any of our people continue to let this happen then they need to get the hell outta here too! I'm not giving those bastards one inch and if they don't like it kiss it. I think we need to close that dam high scool down, burn it to the ground, fly our american flag all over it and give'm the american pride.

  3. I too am greatly offended by those who come from other countries to our nation and then begin bashing it. I am especially offended by those who like to use our welfare system without contributing, and then protest, all while waving the flag of the messed up country they came from.
    Quite simply we need to seal up the border and allow regulated legal immigration only. We need to make sure that we don't get a bunch of any race or nationality or ethinic group who deal drugs, commit crimes or have aids, TB or hepatitis or any other disease.
    The US Constitution states that US citizens have the right to assemble peacefully, and that US citizens have the right to free speech.

    I am not saying that these people don't have the right to speak out--they do--in their own country, not in ours


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