Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on March 26, 2002

Well, lawsuits are expected to be filed today over reparations for slavery. I'm not sure I can say anymore than what David Horowitz has said over at his site, www.frontpagemag.com.

Besides, if blacks today are going to get money for slave labor they never did, then I want some money for the freeing of the slaves I never did. My great-great-great (not sure how many greats there are) uncle helped free many slaves. Yes, he was a racist. Yes, he had this thing about fire. Yes, he burned Atlanta, but maybe his descendants should get some money too.

Fox News' Andrew Napolitano revealed the ethics that is rampant in the elite legal community:

"These lawyers � and they are some of the finest legal minds in America � know that this is basically a frivolous lawsuit that will not succeed, but to the extent that they can stir the pot and get us to talk about this and maybe create this fund for scholarships and maybe get an apology from Congress, they will have accomplished their purpose," Napolitano said.

A fund for scholarships? This is nothing more than a racial shakedown on a scale that would make Jesse Jackson proud.


The @sdutOpinion Editorial pages used to be fairly mainstream conservative. When I applied for a letters editor opening there in the mid-00s, I was asked if there's an editorial I wouldn't write. I replied: a pro-abortion one. 1/

Supreme Court: “The Second Amendment is not a second class right. States can’t use subjective criteria when issuing carry permits.”
California: “But what if we added in illegal viewpoint discrimination, and violated the First Amendment at the same time?”

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