March 23, 2002

I think I might qualify to work as a columnist for the New York Times. Not because I'm a liberal, a quick glance through the archives here will dispel that impression, but because I can sometimes write as incoherently as the Times' Thomas Friedman. In his Sunday column, Friedman makes a series of silly claims […]

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March 23, 2002

More proof that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is cool. Earlier this week a Fox News cameraman was briefly detained and had his videotape confiscated as he filmed a traffic stop near the Pentagon. Fox News screamed bloody murder and got the tape back the next day. It also turns out that the cameraman got a […]

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When Everytown, Giffords and others describe states like CA, NY, and NJ as having the best gun control laws in the country, but then say those gun laws are still way too weak, they are giving away their endgame. Full bans of most (if not all) of civilian owned firearms.

Konstadinos Moros@MorosKostas

Stronger gun laws? Bro this is what the organization you fund says about New York.

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