March 7, 2002

Following in the large footsteps of former Vice President Al Gore, former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich has been caught telling tall tales. According to an Associated Press story, Reich is claiming to have coined the term "corporate welfare." Tom Pitoniak, associate editor at dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster, said "corporate welfare" has been used at least […]

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BREAKING: We just filed a motion asking the Ninth Circuit to lift the stay in our lawsuit challenging California's ban on so-called "assault weapons," which, if granted, would allow the judgment striking down the ban to go into effect. Read it here:

Stole the image from a reddit post, but it appears to be an accurate summary.

The losers in Sacramento are throwing a temper tantrum in response to the ruling in Bruen. Now that they have to issue carry permits, they want to make basically everywhere a "sensitive place".

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