Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on March 6, 2002

The International Red Cross, the Europeans and many on the loony left in this country have been warning the U.S. government if we don't treat al Qaeda prisoners according to the Geneva Convention, then they won't accord our soldiers the convention's protections when they are captured.

Let's just ignore the fact that no country who has captured U.S. soldiers since the Geneva Convention was signed has treated our soldiers according to its regulations. Not Japan, not Germany (ever see "The Great Escape"), not North Korea, not Vietnam, not Iraq.

It turns out, neither does al Qaeda or the Taliban.

A Navy SEAL who fell from a helicopter during a mountain firefight was captured by Al Qaeda forces as his commanders watched helplessly on a drone's TV screen and later executed, U.S. battle commanders said yesterday.

"We saw him on the Predator being dragged off by three Al Qaeda men," said Maj. Gen. Frank Hagenbeck, who watched the battle in real time by a transmission from a Predator spy drone overhead.

Air Force commandos later recovered the body of Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Neil Roberts, 32, after a fierce 14-hour firefight Monday in which seven Americans were killed and two helicopters were lost.

Maj. Ralph Mills of the U.S. Central Command said Roberts survived the fall and was executed by gunfire.

If I'm an American soldier fighting in Afghanistan, I don't even think of surrendering. They're going to kill you anyway. Take as many of them with you as you possibly can.


The @sdutOpinion Editorial pages used to be fairly mainstream conservative. When I applied for a letters editor opening there in the mid-00s, I was asked if there's an editorial I wouldn't write. I replied: a pro-abortion one. 1/

Supreme Court: “The Second Amendment is not a second class right. States can’t use subjective criteria when issuing carry permits.”
California: “But what if we added in illegal viewpoint discrimination, and violated the First Amendment at the same time?”

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