Hacks all the way down

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on December 4, 2014

The Washington Post decided to triple-down on its war on women by naming former GOP staffer and nobody Elizabeth Lauten as having the "Worst Week in Washington."

When I saw this on Twitter, I had a rather succinct response, that ended up leading the "Media" category on Twitchy for most of the afternoon.

Did she plead guilty to rape?
Did she plead guilty to rape?

I'll tell you who really had the Worst Week in Washington: The Washington Post which has run 13 stories on Ms. Lauten in the past week. If Jeff Bezos is wondering whether there's fat to be cut in the Post newsroom, he doesn't need to look any further than the wall-to-wall coverage over an incredibly tame Facebook post compared to the non-coverage of Donny Ray Williams Jr., who is a serial rapist.

And a Democrat, which would explain why the Post wrote only two stories on his crimes, once in 2012 when he was charged, and another this week after the guilty plea.

If the news media wants to know why they're held in such contempt. This is the answer. Chris Cillizza is a moral cripple. Someone whose values are so out of whack with the majority of Americans that he might as well be a space alien.

Their reputation is shot. For every Sharyl Atkisson or Bernard Goldberg, there's 40, or 400, so-called journalists who will lie (either by omission or commission) to bolster their preferred political goals or party.

Cillizza's a hack. When dealing with him, GOP operatives or politicians should go in clear-eyed. They're not dealing with an honest journalist trying to fairly provide both sides of the story. They're dealing with a Democratic operative. Think Bob Beckel, but less honest.


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