Politifraud follow-up

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on October 10, 2012

As I was writing last night’s critique of Politifraud’s sorry ruling on whether the U.S. tax codes contains incentives for businesses to move jobs overseas I noted that there were a few people who were listed as having been interviewed in right hand column that were nevertheless not quoted in Politifraud’s main analysis.

The very first name was the Heritage Foundation’s Curtis Dubay. Smelling a rat, I asked Mr. Dubay what he thought about the analysis and if he’d like to share his opinion of both the analysis and the questions he was asked during his interview. Mr. Dubay characterized the fact check as “absurd” and said he was surprised by their dishonesty. He also offered the following comment for publication:

Politifact called to ask me whether the policy President Obama talked about regarding a deduction for moving jobs overseas existed. I explained to them that it did not. They accurately captured that in the article, but moved on to a separate topic of how our worldwide system of corporate taxation works in order to give President Obama their “truthful” rating. I explained to the reporter that called how our worldwide system is at odds with the territorial system most other countries use and how it is a disincentive for job creation here at home, not an incentive to create jobs overseas. They chose another explanation of that worldwide system that doesn’t capture the negative impact, combined with our highest in the world corporate rate, it creates.

Politifact continues to flush whatever credibility it had to begin with down the drain. They’re not fact-checkers, they’re opinion journalists.


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