Promoting voter fraud

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on April 24, 2012

Reuters in its job as Democratic National Committee stenographer had a laughably dishonest story on Saturday about how voter ID laws would be disenfranchising young people.

The new laws - many of which include measures requiring voters to show a photo ID at the polls - could carve into Obama's potential support in Florida, Ohio and a few other politically divided states likely to be crucial in the November 6 election, analysts say.

The analysts note that massive registration drives in 2008 helped put millions of people aged 18 to 29 on voting rolls, and that age group - which makes up roughly one-quarter of the U.S. electorate - helped propel Obama to victory, voting 2-to-1 for him.

Rock the Vote, a nationwide organization that mobilizes young voters, said the new laws would make it more difficult for the group to educate people on how to sign up to vote.

"The types of laws have varied, but state by state they've added up to the fact that it's going to be harder for young people to get registered and vote in this election cycle," said Heather Smith, president of Rock the Vote.

Seriously? Are young people not getting driver’s licenses today?

If I hearken back to my youth, it seemed that most everyone 21 years of age or older had at least one form of picture ID.

People 18-20 typically had two—one showing their true identity and age, the other showing them to be 21.

They seriously expect us to buy this “young people don’t have ID” crap?


Actually, no serious person is sure what the conservative majority will do here. That's common in these politically charged cases. Meanwhile, literally nobody doubts what the *Democrat-appointed* justices will do. So who is "deeply partisan" again?

Doing some research and checked out @TheDispatchFC front page. It turns out the answer to every single one of these is "No." But one doesn't have that simple explanation on the main page. Why?

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