Defining brutality down

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on February 27, 2011

An article in Friday’s Washington Post regarding a new law in Virginia that would put abortion clinics in the “hospital” category rather than the “doctor’s office” category that they currently operate under in the state’s regulatory system. In the Post’s survey of recent events that might have contributed to the passage of this new law is this paragraph:

In recent weeks, abortion foes have cited the case of a Philadelphia area clinic recently shut down after authorities discovered a series of botched and illegal abortions; inspectors discovered containers of fetal parts.

Yes, and Bernie Madoff got in trouble for some minor accounting faux pas.

I’m not sure it’s really possible to downplay the death of at least one woman, numerous cases of infanticide and a pattern and practice of total disregard for the basic humanity of women who came to Dr. Kermit Gosnell more successfully than the Post has here.

Already you see the media moving into protection mode for their favored policy (abortion on demand) rather than seriously look at a horrific crime that occurred and the failure of the government tasked with protecting its citizens from predators like Gosnell.

Is there any doubt that had Gosnell been running a plastic surgery clinic in the same fashion that the media coverage and demands for action from regulatory bodies would be far different?


I'll take a look at dude's new book, but this tweet isn't promising. Watts is a self-aggrandizing extremist whose easily debunked smears have done a lot of damage to her own cause. Also, within pro-gun-control circles everyone knows she's toxic, & Busse surely knows this.

Ryan Busse@ryandbusse

It’s time for reasonable gun owners to cry bullshit on those who demonize good people like @shannonrwatts who are just fighting to make the world better. As Shannon says…it’s also time to buy this book.

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