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Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on December 15, 2010

The past couple of weeks the media elites have been going after Fox News with renewed vigor. First was the revelation by Howard Kurtz that Fox News’ Washington Editor Bill Sammon had directed his employees to describe the “public option” as the “government option.” The outrage meter went straight to 11, despite the fact that it was apparent that most Americans didn’t know what “public option” meant. Instead of using the policy wonk term, Fox was trying to accurately describe it for the layman.

Time magazine of all publications came to Fox News’ defense.

Here's what Kurtz and Media Matters fail to note: Most Americans did not understand what the “public option” was. The term, in fact, seemed almost intentionally non-descriptive. Scores of journalists asked me during the health care debate to explain to them what the public option was – and these were folks interested in the news and paying attention to the issue.

Then today came another “outrageous” memo – Sammon had warned Fox News employees to not take sides on the climate change debate. You can read dozens of articles here on the subject, or head on over to Anthony Watts’ site or Steve McIntyre’s site for report after report of shenanigans masquerading as climate science. Media elites and AGW true-believers were outraged that anyone could doubt “THE DATA” that shows the Earth has been warming. Why would we doubt the data?

Ars Technica, a science and technology site that does original reporting was outraged.

Fox News on climate: skip the science, report the "controversy"

A leaked e-mail from Fox News indicates a managing editor has officially declared that scientific ignorance is the official policy.

The only ignorance on display was John Timmer’s and Ars Technica’s.

But I did want to highlight this comment, because it’s the best example I’ve seen in awhile of the Eric Alterman mindset.

Please explain why the rest of the corporate owned media would support a liberal agenda?
You have a long uphill climb ahead of you.
CNN is also clearly right-wing... and MSNBC doesn't report news for the most part.. it's an opinion channel.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Just because a media outlet is to your right, it doesn’t make it conservative. In fact, judging from people like this, they can’t see the political center from where they’re at – with a telescope.

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  1. Interesting that both cases involve Sammons. Did he say something recently that particularly annoyed George Soros?


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