September 22, 2009
As I’ve said before…

Those are the words, when they come out of President Barack Obama’s mouth, should clue you in to the fact that he hasn’t said it before – he’s merely changing his mind. If you hadn’t noticed, the war in Afghanistan isn’t all unicorns and rainbows. There’s more than three months left in the year and […]

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September 22, 2009
Obama and Honduras

There was one issue that the fawning mainstream media didn’t bring up over the weekend as President Obama did the rounds of all the Sunday talk shows – except for “Fox News Sunday” – and that was the Obama administration’s outrageous behavior toward the democratic government of Honduras. The Obama administration has repeatedly demanded the […]

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"The decision will give a blueprint for the government to pry open safe deposit boxes, storage lockers, and other private spaces—and to take the contents with civil forfeiture."

This is why no one trusts you or your network, Andrew. It took 5 paragraphs to get to the part where it explains that this "interview" was by a random guy accosting Kent on the street and asking him questions. It's almost as if you want an even smaller audience than you have now.

andrew kaczynski @KFILE

GOP congressional candidate Joe Kent's ties to white nationalists include interview with Nazi sympathizer

It's become a losing battle, but I'm glad @jessesingal stands with the dwindling camp of journalists who don't believe every sentence they publish must be laced with propaganda. If only there were some journalism professors still in that camp.

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