The New York Times bemoans Obama's decision

Matthew Hoy
By Matthew Hoy on June 20, 2008

Today's New York Times editorial bemoans Obama's decision to reject public financing. Curiously, it never mentions his now-broken vow to accept public financing if his GOP opponent did the same. Instead, the Times editorial writers spend their time lauding Obama's ability to raise money and chide Sen. John McCain for being a big meany and forcing Obama to abandon the public financing system.

Public financing, which Mr. McCain has indicated he would accept, limits spending to $84.1 million in the general election. Mr. Obama expects he can raise three or four times that. He insists he needs the larger flow to hold off unscrupulous Republican “masters at gaming this broken system” via separate party funds and Swift Boat-style smear campaigns.

Mr. Obama’s power to excite average donations of less than $100 also is admirable, and his concerns about his opponent are understandable. The Republican Party is raising a great deal of money, and shadow groups known as 527s have tens of millions to spend. Mr. McCain knows the power of these groups since they slimed him out of the 2000 Republican primaries. Now that he’s the presumptive nominee, however, he is inviting them into the fray on his behalf.

This last statement shocked me, because I haven't seen that reported anywhere -- including in the Times. The best I could come up with is this article with this quote:

“Now we’re at a stage in the presidential campaign, if there was a group that could effectively advocate for the issues that are important to John McCain, it would be a good thing,” said Terry Nelson, who was Mr. McCain’s campaign manager until last summer and was political director for President Bush’s campaign in 2004. “But there’s nobody there that’s ready to do it. I think people hoped Freedom’s Watch would play that role.”

This isn't John McCain, this is someone who used to work for him -- and note that he is requesting pro-McCain support, not anti-Obama attacks.

Nonetheless, I've left this comment to the Times editorial which may or may not be published.

Can one of the editorial writers point me to the source for the contention that McCain "is inviting them (527s) into the fray on his behalf." I thought I'd been following this campaign pretty closely, but I haven't seen this.

It's also somewhat predictable that the Times editorial writers would ignore the fact that the only 527 currently running an ad is -- an Obama-supporting group. Obama -- and the Times -- pretends that the lefty 527s don't exist.

Even when chiding Obama for his self-serving decision, you ignore the big Donkey in the room.

— Hoystory, San Diego, Calif.

If anyone else can point me to the article where McCain is either publicly or privately asking 527s to go on the attack on his behalf, please leave a link here. If it's true, then it's a big story the MSM is missing...

Or the Times editiorial writers have a "truthiness" problem.


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