Sticking it to Chavez

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You might be familiar with the story of the Aleut tribes who told Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez to take his free heating oil and stuff it after Chavez called President Bush the devil, among other slanders, at the United Nations.

These people are poor, and could certainly use some charity.

Donations to help the villages affected can be made at a Key Bank account titled:
“Unangan Energy Assistance Fund” C/O Key Bank # 729681009001
Donations can be made at any Key Bank Branch Nationwide or Can be mailed to:

Unangan Energy Assistance Fund
c/o Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association
201 East Third Avenue
Anchorage , Alaska 99501


Unangan Energy Assistance Fund
c/o Key Bank
P.O. Box 110420
Anchorage , AK 99510

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  1. Brian says:

    Fine people they are.

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