January 25, 2006
Editorial writers in need of a clue

The New York Times editorial page is urging a filibuster of Judge Samuel Alito. Of course, since by the the Times' own definition only one vote is needed against cloture for a filibuster to occur, they'll likely get it. Frankly, the Times' histrionics on this issue just goes to show you how truly out of […]

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January 25, 2006
This is why O'Reilly drives me mad

The loudmouth doesn't do his homework: "[Justice Ruth Bader] Ginsburg was unanimously confirmed, I mean it was 98 to nothing." No, it wasn't. It was 96-3.

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January 25, 2006
More evidence that life isn't fair

This idiot is one year older than I am and has a weekly column at the steadily declining Los Angeles Times. For more on this moron, check here and here.

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January 25, 2006
Turley's failure to practice full-disclosure confirmed

Earlier this month I posed a question about whether or not Georgetown Law School professor Jonathan Turley was practicing full-disclosure in his television appearances attacking the NSA surveillance program. When the New York Times broke the NSA surveillance story, Turley went on some Fox News program -- I don't remember which one -- and offered […]

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January 25, 2006
You gotta be kidding me

ABC News's chief investigative correspondent, Brian Ross, has broken an incredible story about an ethics scandal rocking the Supreme Court. (via Volokh) At the historic swearing-in of John Roberts as the 17th chief justice of the United States last September, every member of the Supreme Court, except Antonin Scalia, was in attendance. ABC News has […]

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🧵Please indulge me more on this topic: Yesterday's Bloomberg article misrepresenting Thune's comments on entitlement reform is part of a broader issue:
Most media coverage of Social Security, Medicare & unsustainable debt has long been narrative-driven and, yes, dishonest. (1/)

More broken accountability at the International Fact-Checking Network (@factchecknet) and the @Poynter Institute.

The IFCN allows people to register complaints about the its stable of "verified" signatories to its code of principles. @Google and @YouTube $hould pay attention.

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