January 12, 2006
I know the feeling

One of the bloggers over at the Kotaku videogame site arranged for an e-mail interview with the world's worst director, Uwe Boll. I ended up sending Uwe Boll about 15 questions, none of which could be possibly answered with a single word. He responded within the day, and managed to answer most with little more. […]

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January 12, 2006
No mistake

Death penalty opponents had held out hope that DNA testing would prove that the state of Virginia executed an innocent man more than a decade ago. They were wrong. The case reminded me this three-year-old item I wrote about the late Ann Landers and her opposition to the death penalty. For the record: She never […]

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January 12, 2006
For the serious photo enthusiast

Hasselblad is has announced a new 39-megapixel camera. Price: $39,000. I still like my Olympus E-500, which can be had for far less.

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January 12, 2006
Alito Day 3

I didn't get to watch the Samuel Alito hearings again. Two 10 1/2-hour days in a row are draining. It should hopefully slow down a little after tomorrow and I can really dig into this stuff. I've managed to do a little catch-up blog and newspaper article reading and a couple of things strike me […]

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🧵Please indulge me more on this topic: Yesterday's Bloomberg article misrepresenting Thune's comments on entitlement reform is part of a broader issue:
Most media coverage of Social Security, Medicare & unsustainable debt has long been narrative-driven and, yes, dishonest. (1/)

More broken accountability at the International Fact-Checking Network (@factchecknet) and the @Poynter Institute.

The IFCN allows people to register complaints about the its stable of "verified" signatories to its code of principles. @Google and @YouTube $hould pay attention.

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